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The Heredium Group

The Heredium Group is an international consultancy specialising in the establishment of private real estate portfolios for and with investment partners, primarily UHNW families.  We always focus on capital preservation and long-term security, and steady long-term capital growth is favoured over immediate profit.  Within those parameters we agree the characteristics of each portfolio with our investment partners at the outset and together determine the ideal size of the total portfolio, the ticket size of the individual properties, preferred cities and locations, time frames, and whether leverage should be attracted in the current highly benign interest rate environment.


Upon completion of a portfolio typically, a third-party property manager is nominated, while Heredium continues to provide strategic asset management.  Thus over a number of years the value of the portfolio is brought out, developed and enhanced.  Often this is realised by acquiring properties in good locations that have been neglected by previous owners and have not reached their inherent potential. We are available to renegotiate rents, adjust tenancies, initiate and oversee renovations, as well as to arrange bank finance at superior conditions.


We work together with a select group of investors who share our philosophy and who are determined to invest their capital for the long term in a solid, risk-averse manner.  Of course when the need arises to liquidate a portfolio we are ready to support our clients in realising the best available values at the appropriate time.  Since 1987 Heredium has established, asset managed, and sold property portfolios in Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.