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Eco Energy

Responding to climate change

Eco Energy Limited in Japan and Eco Energy Limited in New Zealand are the most recent initiatives of Heredium, pioneered by Wolf Herwegh Vonk as a response to climate change. Eco Energy focuses on investing in land for the establishment of permanent forests which generate carbon credits; solar and wind technology which generate renewable energy; and communities of homesteads designed to be resistant to climate change.

While the Eco Energy model stands aside from our well proven investment model in bricks & mortar, it complements any future oriented property investment portfolio.  We commenced this initiative in 2021 and were able to make a flying start by applying our long established property expertise and unrivalled international network.

Lake View

This 1,200 ha block borders State Highway 1, the backbone of New Zealand’s road transport system.  Located just 10 km south of Blenheim with its nationally well-connected airport, it enjoys both some of the best wind patterns and highest sunshine hours in the country.  The block was acquired in 2022 and we have in 2023 commenced the planting of permanent forestry.

Sun Valley

Situated in the warm and wet Northland region, 130 km north of Auckland, this 735 ha block has been rented to the New Zealand government on contract fixed for a very long term. The block was acquired in 2021 and provides a steady and increasing income flow consisting of rent as well as carbon credits.

The Future

Overlooking the township of Clyde and the Clyde dam which is of paramount importance to the energy security of New Zealand, this 1,140 ha block gradually rises with astounding views. Moreover, it enjoys access to a very large sweet water lake as well as to some of the best microclimates in the country suitable for cultivating fruit. Acquired in 2022, The Future ranks extremely high among the most secure global locations during the upheaval of climate change. Queenstown and Wanaka are each about 80 km from Clyde by road.

The Vista

The Vista was acquired in 2022 and has received consent for 29 large lifestyle homesteads throughout 320 ha of plantation  forests along with areas of indigenous vegetation, wetlands and natural landforms, which include several waterfalls and magnificent views over rolling land, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This block is located 50 km North of Auckland.

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