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Heredium New Zealand

Investments with unique potential.

Andrew Carnegie famously said that 90% of millionaires become so through owning real estate. While nowadays we refer to billionaires rather than millionaires, the principle remains the same. Fortunes changes over the years but real estate remains a cornerstone of preserving and generating wealth for the world's wealthiest individuals and families.  The third largest group of the world’s billionaires are pure real estate investors and every wealthy person today holds property as a key part of their investment strategy, with investment properties representing on average 27% of the value of their investment portfolios.
With the establishment in January 2020 of our latest offices in Auckland, New Zealand, shortly before the global pandemic struck, the Heredium Group opened up a timely venue for excellent investment opportunities.  We are of the opinion that the current conversion of New Zealand's economy from mostly agricultural and forestry to high technology, bypassing the industrial phase which other economies have gone through, puts New Zealand property on the course for strong outperformance without compromising security.
Long before Covid-19, we identified New Zealand as an outstanding candidate for real property investment.  Since entering this market, Heredium has built a wealth of experience and a superb nationwide network, without limiting itself to affiliations with any particular agency group.  This is how we operate in each nation: the breadth and quality of our connections provides us with a unique advantage as we are able to overview the entire market and cherry-pick the best investment opportunities. 

Heredium is well positioned to structure property investment portfolios together with investment partners who recognise the excellent prospects New Zealand provides for secure, long-term investments.  We have acquired and will continue to acquire well-positioned properties in order to benefit from decent and reliable yields, opportunities for value creation, and long-term appreciation, while staying within our overall macro-economic requirement of investing only in properties which offer long term stability and economic strength.
Since establishing our offices in Auckland, New Zealand, we have made a number of quality property acquisitions.


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