Heredium's properties, past and present...

The Heredium Group was established in the Netherlands in 1987 to acquire, manage, improve and ultimately realise the sale of two important investment portfolios in and around Amsterdam. These portfolios were known as the Portalen Property Companies and the Interstate Limited Partnerships. The initiator was an attorney-at-law from a well-established Dutch property family, who secured the portfolios by bringing together equity from his family and from a small number of ultra high net worth private investors. This initiative was highly successful and led to the establishment of a long series of similar investments throughout four European countries, a number of which investments are still held today.


Heredium and its investment partners typically hold each investment portfolio for at least five years, often ten years or longer.  In doing so, over the past 33 years Heredium has established more than 50 real estate portfolios ranging up to €300m in individual asset size.  Over the entire period, the weighted-average IRR on the total equity invested has been 23.2% per annum.  Of even greater importance is that none of the portfolios realised an IRR below 7.3% per annum over its lifetime.


Since 2005 Heredium’s main office is based in Switzerland, working closely with associated offices in Austria, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  Due to the ever diminishing yields at which properties in Europe are being offered, the geographical focus of Heredium's investments since 2020 has expanded across the world to New Zealand where we continue to seek good quality properties as part of our long-term strategy.


At Heredium we are immensely proud of the wealth that we have created for our investors and the properties that we have acquired over the years. A number of these properties are featured on our website: a rich history that we will continue to build on as the opportunity arises.

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